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Date - 25 December 2015/ Category - Start Here View the latest blog
Start Here

While it’s always hard to express the cumulative wisdom learnt from a career in industry, writing a blog felt like the right place to start.

Written over the course of a year, the blog itself hit 60,000 words and 72 chapters before I knew what hit me. Every word is available on this site and the hope is that by making all this content free it will instill a faith level in that spurs you on to get in touch should you require our team to work on a project with you.

The blog itself was split into four distinct sections:

– Facts Of Life
– How To Sell
– Personal Lessons
– Be A Conductor

Originally designed to be a stand alone book, after much deliberation I decided to make it available as a freeblog through Because it was written as a book and not a blog, it has four main themes (listed above) and as such should be read in that order. I’ve inserted handy “Read our next blog” prompts on every post so that if you want to you can read it in the original order as intended.

While I may yet live to regret the decision not to monetise the blog, I felt and still feel that there is a huge gap in the market for support material designed for small to medium size businesses, their leadership and those that aspire to grow through the ranks; in short the desire to plug this gap outweighed the potential financial benefits of a 1% chance of making a success out of the book via normal distribution channels.

The blog spans both my period while working as an employee, as a director of a manufacturing and distribution business and finally as a consultant, giving me a view of both sides of the coin when it comes to working within and leading a business environment.

Having worked in manufacturing and service orientated worlds, I have seen first hand how both types of business grow, contract, incentivise and manage their employees along with the problems that creates. It’s given me a somewhat unique perspective, one which I am keen to share with others.

This blog is by no means a masterpiece but I hope it stimulates some positive conversation and interaction between us or your colleagues. It is an ongoing work and as such may be subject to revision and hopefully expansion over time. Should you wish to give feedback or reach me at although I can’t promise to respond to every query I will try my best.

To start just read the “Introduction” to our blog.