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Date - 01 January 2016/ Category - Facts Of Life
Facts of life

This blog isn’t a guide to making an amazing business presentation, in fact it isn’t even a story about the rise of a brilliant business or the fall of a once great one.

You’re probably thinking this is a blog much like the others you’ve read and in the next few lines you’ll decide whether you’re going to engage with it or not, so here’s my pitch.

I’ve got some news for you; I don’t really care why you’re reading this. I don’t care if you’re a millionaire or if you’ve lost everything. In my eyes you’re one in the same; a pilgrim looking for answers.

You’ve started a journey to educate yourself because you believe there is more to life than an iphone and by some sheer miracle you’ve found my blog.

I can’t begin to guess how you made it here. Perhaps you were sat with some friends and one waxed lyrical about a genius author, but you couldn’t afford their book so opted for this free blog instead or maybe you were just clearing out the trash and found a printed copy propping open the door.

There’s a 50/50 chance either way but I’m glad you’ve made it and if you bear with me I hope to convince you to dedicate a few days to reading the contents within.

Unlike most blogs or books of this nature I’m not going to tell you some little insider secret or boast about how wealthy I am.

I’ve read books like this and been left underwhelmed so I’m not going to lie to you. This blog will change your life, but it’s not going to be an easy read.

If you like me by the end of it then pop me an email but if not I apologise in advance. The truth hurts.

I’m basically going to challenge everything you hold dear and tell you that some of the most successful people in the world got there by blind luck – if you can handle that then great. If not then please become an exit statistic in my analytics summary.

Everyone seems afraid to challenge the status quo or say it like it is; but I’m not. The fact is, life just isn’t a Disney movie and we shouldn’t shy away from that.

I’m aware my introduction is dragging on so I’ll speed up the tempo and explain the crux of the deal at hand.

Residing within this blog are the collective lessons of years of working on the coal face of hard business.

You’re probably going to question how someone so young can have learnt so much, but as you will find out later experience means very little if you cannot learn from it, so whether it’s 2 years or 50, as long as you’re a quick learner you’ll be ok.

If you know everything or feel that the experience you’ve gained to date means you’re an expert at making money then this blog isn’t for you.

But if by some off chance you’re a normal human being, trying to get ahead in a world that doesn’t quite work like a Disney movie then this book contains within it a series of life lessons, learnt the hard way, that when applied should speed up your journey to ultimate success.

I’ve never bought into the notion that everyone will succeed. There just isn’t the room for that many rich people in the world.

Our world is built on levels controlled by money and as much as we stand on the shoulders of the giants that have walked before us, in order to rise to the next level capitalism means we also stand on the shoulders of the people that live alongside us too.

The problem is that from birth we’re taught that life’s fair and it’s not. Some people strike rich without much effort, others work themselves to death and never make it. For every millionaire there’s a 1000 people that worked just as hard but went astray.

In life there’s simply no award for most ethical businessman, there’s only an award for the richest.

The world will measure your success by the wealth you show it and if you give it all away to early then you’ll never be rich enough to get an invite to the ceremony.

If this is starting to sound negative then allow me to resuscitate your hope that within this blog you’ll find useful information.

I have borne the brunt of bad luck, I have been knocked down and got back up and for every failure I learnt a lesson so that I didn’t fail again – I trained myself to become a grand master of business.

I didn’t do it from a text book, I didn’t learn it in a classroom, I learnt it by having the guts to fail.

You might think the term grand master is obscure but it’s not.

In chess the reason grand masters win isn’t because they have more natural talent – it’s because they’ve learnt enough chess lessons to be able to process the information before them so efficiently that the options that have led to failure in the past are subconsciously filtered out.

That’s how you succeed in business – you filter out all the crap so that you can concentrate really quickly on the good stuff.

To the outside world you look like a genius, but you’re not. You just don’t waste the tiny amount of thinking time you have on plans that won’t work.

The simple truth is, the vast majority of great business decisions that were ever made were made because of the failures that had gone before them.

There’s one problem though – not everyone learns lessons from their mistakes (here’s where the experience bit comes in). If we cannot face defeat and learn from it then we will never improve, but you would be surprised how many people fail to understand that experience itself is worthless.

Experience is nothing more than the opportunity to succeed or fail.

Someone could have five years’ experience and have learnt nothing from it. They could in effect have been at the party but not in the conversation. Someone else could have only a years’ experience but have learnt so many lessons from their failures that their potential to succeed next time is far greater than someone with 10x the visible “experience”.

The problem is we don’t employ people based on their ability to learn from their mistakes, we employ them because their CV shows very few mistakes and assume incorrectly that when backed into a corner they possess enough knowledge to get us out.

This is the way of the world, we value wealth over ability, experience over wisdom and the destination over the journey.

When you realize the above you face a question in life, do you bemoan its unfair nature or do you accept inequality as an immovable object and equip yourself to beat those that profit from it into submission.

This blog is designed to equip you with wisdom, born out of experience, to turn you into an inequality beating grand master of business.

The sooner you realise there is simply no point in moaning the better. Much like the sun and the moon, there will always be people richer than you that didn’t try as hard.

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