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Ready Fire Aim

Date - 20 October 2016/ Category - Be A Conductor
be a conductor

Since birth we’ve had lots of boxes drilled into us. We don’t realise it but our life’s are affected heavily by unforeseen forces such as culture and accepted norms.

We believe in marriage, friendship and loyalty because of the boxes we were placed into as kids, brought up to accept them as the norm; but the fact is there’s no divine intervention if we don’t follow these rules.

There’s no hand of god that reaches down to punish us for having multiple partners, taking advantage of people or screwing people over.

While these are all things define us as people, there are other boxes applied to us that we don’t see, for example the presumption that everything in life has to be planned and done first time.

The truth is, nothing in life, no matter how much money you throw at it, goes to plan. The reality of life is that you are always dealing with curve balls and having to overcome hurdles.

Yet for some reason we think that hurdles are signs of weakness. We believe that if a hurdle comes us, then it’s a sure sign of failure and as such we’re tempted to give up or change direction.

In a world where we get information instantly thanks to the internet, the opportunity to give up or change direction is an instant solution that appears more attractive and easier than overcoming a hurdle in life.

If you want to succeed in business then, or in life in general you have to do away with the presumption that everything in life needs to be planned.

If you have a hunch or an idea, you need to be comfortable that it’s a good idea and then go for it. Don’t wait around to fins that last little bit of proof. Push yourself and strive to achieve.

People often wait for 100% proof that an idea will work or want to work out every step along the way, but the truth is if you’re 75% confident, if you have 75% of the plan then that’s all you need.

The hardest part of doing anything is getting started – get over that and the rest will come easier.

When most people start a business they think years down the line, but the fact is the first few month are the most critical, and after that anything can happen.

You need to concentrate on getting traction to carry you on through the hurdles that come up along the way.

Of course keeping an end goal is super important, but how you get there often needs to be more fluid.

Chapter Summary:

• Hurdles are a part of starting a business
• If you have a hunch don’t get obsessed proving it
• Have an end goal but allow your path to success to be fluid
• Concentrate on gaining the momentum in the first few months that will carry over the hurdles

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