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Democracy Has No Place In Business

Date - 25 October 2016/ Category - Be A Conductor
be a conductor

I’ve talked before about conductor’s vs managers. Conductors give their teams the tools and facilitate them achieving their goals. They know where to assign capital and when to leave people be.

Yet management itself has become an industry full of different opinions, most based upon the latest fad or cultural phase.

People assume that the rules that apply in our private lives apply in business and more often they don’t. Where as in life we tell our children not to lie, that they are all equal and that democracy is the way forward; none of these pillars of western society apply to a capitalist economy.

Most sales people bend the truth, businesses are full of complex layers and democracy doesn’t work.

Democracy is great when you’re sorting out benefits, but it’s slow and cumbersome. In the fast paced world of business you need fast decisions.

The downfall of democracy has been known for centuries. When Rome was attacked, democracy was suspended until all was safe and well.

Democracy is a human right, but in business it’s not. One person will be richer than all others, capital will be unevenly distributed and decisions will be taken by those with authority.

In business a lack of democracy isn’t a problem, it’s only a problem if those charged with making the decisions are not capable.

Having the wrong people in the position of power can build unrest as others can see a clear pathway to the finish and get frustrated by not being able to take the necessary steps.

While democracy has no place in business, having the wrong conductor or leader can be just as bad.

Chapter Summary:

• Democracy is too slow
• Capitalism creates inequality
• Make sure the person making the decisions is capable

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