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Category / Be A Conductor

Sales people can often be the hardest of all people to find simply because in an industry devoted to bending the truth you can never quite know how good a person is until you try them out. There are however a few facts that you need to bear in mind when employing sales people. The

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Category / Personal Lessons

As human beings we love the idea that friends and clients are for life. I’ve got news for you, if you have any aspirations then they aren’t. The sooner you accept that friends come and go the better. You’re going to think this is a negative point of view but it’s not. It’s just a

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Category / Facts Of Life

If you read the autobiographies of rich men, you’ll find something in common. Predominantly they talk about the people they employed, or the products they sold, but at no point do they touch on how or when they generated the leads in the first place. Leads are the fuel that makes all businesses tick, yet

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