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Category / Volume 2

I’m currently reading this great book about Hubspot by Dan Lyons, a former journalist who got a job working on their blog. In it he details a phenomenon called the bozo explosion; something hubspot is in particular guilty of. Now anyone that works with knows that we’re great advocates of hubspot, but because we

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Category / Personal Lessons

We’re taught that all mistakes are bad and should be avoided at all costs. Mistakes lose sales and cost companies profit. We might be bad at our job, plain lazy or simply thick but either way making a mistake is most definitely a bad thing and we’re told to avoid it at all costs. This

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Category / Facts Of Life

People view age as an indicator of experience and yet as discussed previously in this blog, experience means nothing if you don’t learn from it. I was once replaced as the sales director of a company that I loved by someone of more “suitable” experience because the shareholders felt that I was too young for

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