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Be Careful Who You Talk To

Date - 10 September 2016/ Category - Personal Lessons
Personal lessons

If you’re like me then you’ll feel obliged to be open and honest with people.

I’m not a person that wants to lie to people. I feel like I’m driven heavily by my own conscience and as such when asked a question I want to tell people everything I know.

This can cause problems. Releasing information can cause unforeseen consequences.

Despite having the best of intentions, information causes problems. People take information and filter it. They react to it, dissect it and use it to their advantage.

Much like the effect of chinese rumours, a message given to a team can be repeated around the world and by the time it gets back to the original team have been warped to a degree to cause mild panic.

Yet information can also be a useful tool for achieving an end goal. Used in the right way it can create reactions that are intended and help you advance your own goals well.

Used in the right way then, and announced to fit an audience, information can be powerful just like it can be dangerous. They key is to understand who you’re talking to and what they will do with it!

Chapter Summary:

• Information is powerful
• Resist the urge to tell everyone everything
• Release information aware of what it will do
• Pick your message to create the right reaction

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